Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects

Large Scale Renewable

Adenco established a renewable energy division for which we have large scale plans and dreams.

South Africa is addressing a number of challenges in its energy sector, including the need to meet growing demand, as well as diversifying its energy mix away from coal, which accounts for 75% of installed capacity.

The South African Government has decided that the renewable energy sector should have a key role in its medium to long-term energy planning program. The government's Integrated Resource Program (IRP) 2010, a 20-year national energy plan, foresees a big increase in the country's energy capacity and a gradual introduction of renewable energy sources until they account for 30% of electricity generated in South Africa by 2030.

Gouda Wind Farm

Adenco was the electrical contractor on this large wind farm and successfully completed the following:

  • Built a 132 kV Substation
  • Built 12 km of 11kV overhead lines
  • Laid 160 km of 22kV underground cables
  • Connecting forty-six 3 MW wind turbines

These services we deliver with the utmost of dedication and a commitment. We have set ourselves the objective of establishing and maintaining a high standard of technical excellence.


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