Renewable Energy Projects

De Aar 1 and De Aar 2 Wind Farms

March 1, 2018
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Client : Longyuan Engineering.
Project Value : R 570 million. 

Adenco Construction was the electrical contractor on De Aar 1 Maanhaarberg a 90 MW, 67 tower wind farm and on De Aar 2 North a 140MW, 96 tower wind farm in the Northern Cape South Africa for EPC, Longyuan Engineering.

Adenco completed all the external electrical connections to the 163 wind turbine generators; the IPP Step Up Substations; Eskom Substations.

The project entailed:

Maanhaarberg :

  • 60 km of 33kV overhead line with OPGW & ADSS
  • 67 x 1.8 MVA transformers
  • 100 MVA IPP & Eskom substation.

De Aar North:

  • 100 km of 33kV overhead line with OPGW & ADSS
  • 96 x 1.8 MVA transformers
  • 140 MVA IPP & Eskom substation.

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Gouda 138 MW wind farm

May 6, 2015
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Client : ACCIONA and Aveng. 
Contract Value : R 156 million. 

The wind farm is located north of the town of Gouda in the Drakenstein Municipal District, Western Cape, South Africa. This wind farm is built, owned and operated by ACCIONA and Aveng.

Gouda Wind Farm is the first wind farm in South Africa to make use of concrete towers instead of the conventional steel towers. It is equipped with forty-six 3 MW ACCIONA Windpower turbines, totaling 138 MW of installed capacity.

Adenco was the electrical contractor on this large wind farm and successfully completed the following:

  • Built a 132 kV Substation
  • Built 12 km of 11kV overhead lines
  • Laid 160 km of 22kV underground cables
  • Connecting forty-six 3 MW wind turbines.

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